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The IoT Shop is the market leader in The Internet of Things. Whether it be smart home, connected devices, pet and child security or smartphone watches, we have you covered. The internet of things has been around for many years now. At the dawn of the internet, scientists and tech gods were experimenting with every electrical appliance to see how they could be enhanced through being part of a network. But it was expensive and bulky. Fast forward a few years and technology has caught up with us. We can now build IoT products at cost effective rates and at an appropriate and convenient size.

In the kitchen we have seen the network connected toaster, fridge (which orders food as you use it) as well as heat control for the home using Nest or web connected thermostat. Our lights can now be dimmed, adjusted or switched on from our smartphones. Our door-bells can connect us via app to visitors who ring the bell and our smoke alarms can text us to let us know they have detected smoke. Even our toothbrush can access the internet.

For kids’ safety, we now sell watches which are net connected, allowing you to track them and also call them in times of emergency. Great also for the elderly who need to raise the alarm if they fall. For businesses, you can track your equipment via GPS – never lose that valuable tool box filled with power tools again.

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